The region

The Vendée coast or "Le Littoral" as the French call it encompasses approximately 200 kilometres of coastline. About 140 kilometres of this are fine sandy beaches which slope gently in to the Atlantic Ocean. The beautiful Vendéen coast, the mild micro climate which produces one of the sunniest climates in France and the clear blue Atlantic make the Vendee a favourite holiday destination, not only for the French but for the thousands who flock here each year from around the world. 


The coast

In the Vendée the long stretches of sandy beaches, most of which are awarded the blue flag for cleanliness, are invariably backed by large sand dunes. These were planted in the 19th century with forests of pine trees, although Holm Oaks were also planted. This planting has stabilised the coastline and allowed its development.

La Rochelle

La Rochelle is a dynamic, welcoming and lively city which will captivate you for some hours or days. La Rochelle is best discovered and enjoyed through its various ports: the Old Port in the city centre, the marina at les Minimes, the Commercial port of La Pallice, and the fishing port of Chef de Baie. Its exceptional water and its taste for sports challenges have made it a household name on the national and international boating circuit.


Sainte - Hermine

The architectural and historical heritage is not lost Sainte-Hermine city whose history dates back at least to the Middle Ages.
Listed historic monument, Castle Sainte-Hermine crossed the centuries. Walking through Sainte-Hermine, it is possible to see the covered market and listed historic monument in 1985.